President Message

Challenge the new field and develop the new technology, beyond the future.


Colcoat was established to manufacture and process anti-static agent “COLCOAT”, by our founder, Yukio Noguchi. This “COLCOAT” was invented during his research works on Ethyl Silicate, and got global patents from 8 countries.


Since then, we have been developing new technologies and products using our uniqueness, in the spirit to challenge “No one can’t achieve”, “No one won’t try”.


We have expanded our activities to the niche-top market, by manufacturing Anti-static Agents and Ethyl Silicate, molding transparent plastics, assembling electronic products for LCD monitors and entering into the amusement business.


We will continue to improve Customer Satisfaction and to develop products which are needed from next generations while placing emphasis on CSR, utilizing multiple technical strength of Colcoat.


Corporate Policy

By our own technologies,
wisdom and creativity,
become a member of affluent society

  • We do make business through our own technologies and wisdom, and

  • we do grow continuously by our originality and ingenuity, and

  • we do contribute to establish affluent society, and

  • by doing so, we seek for our happiness.