History & Future

60 Years of History and Trust
Unlimited Future for Colcoat Chemical Products

  • History & Future
  • Colcoat chemical business commenced in 1951 by our founder, Yukio Noguchi, with the development of Anti-static Agent, "Colcoat", for which the global patents granted from 8 countries. In 1956, Nippon Colcoat Chemical Co., Ltd. , a former organization of Colcoat Co., Ltd., was founded to start producing and marketing of "Colcoat".

  • Since then, "Colcoat" was commercially used for many anti-static applications, including plastic covers for meter equipments, lighting of Hikari Super Express train and CRT TV, contributing to the development of Japanese industries.
    Our development works kept on going. Our products have been approved by many customers for the new applications as the outstanding Anti-static Agent and Multi-functional Coating Materials used for semiconductors, films, metals and glasses. In recent years, it has been approved for the processing films of smart phone assembly lines. Also, the new product was introduced to achieve tight adhesion for materials like Polycarbonate, Polyimide and PVC. Our intensive work for developing new products and applications will continue years to come.

  • History & Future
  • History & Future
  • In 1962, Colcoat started manufacturing of Ethyl Silicate as the new core chemical business.
    Since then, number of new products and processing technologies were developed, making Colcoat the largest supplier of Ethyl Silicates in Japan today.
    With wide range of applications like Zinc-rich Paints, Precision Casting Binders, Silicone Rubber Cross-linking Agent and Anti-fouling Paints, Colcoat keeps contributing to the number of industrial fields.

    Our products are commercially used by customers for many applications, not only in Asia but also worldwide, and received high-quality reputation for years.
    Expect unlimited future of Colcoat chemical products, Anti-static Agent/Functional Coating Materials and Silicate products.