Unlimited Future,
Harmonized with
New Applications of
Ethyl Silicates
Functional Coating
(Anti-static) Agents

Major products of Chemical Division are Alkyl Silicates and Functional Coating Agents (with Anti-static properties).
Ethyl Silicates and Methyl Silicates are used as key raw materials for Zinc-rich Paints, Binders of Precision Casting, Cross-linking Agents of Silicon Rubber, Anti-fouling Paints and many other applications.
R&D works for the Ethyl Silicates and Methyl Silicates new applications never end including Hybrid compounds of Organic /In-organic materials.
Our Funcutional Coating Materials are derived product of Anti-static Agent, Colcoat, which was originally developed by our founder, Yukio Noguchi, in 1951. The coated layer of this product has many outstanding properties such as improvement of transparency, prevention of low molecular weight elution and surface protection in addition to Anti-static properties on films and molded plastics. Our endless R&D effort continues with the latest developments including improvement of solvent resistance, moisture protection and tight adhesion to Polycarbonate, Polyimide and PVC.